New Age McCarthyism

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I wonder sometimes it would be fair to prosecute people in positions of power for flat out lying in public.  There’s allegory, and metaphor, and suggestion, and sarcasm, and humor, but there’s also lying.  And saying there are 80 members of congress who are “card carying-Marxists” is lying.  It isn’t true in any sense of the wording.  It wasn’t true at one time in the recent past but is no longer true.  It isn’t true in a metaphoric sense.  It just sounds dumb to anyone who knows what Marxists actually believe.  Rep. Allen West has a history of saying outlandish things to rile up a his very conservative base of support, but  this case to me is just a perfect illustration of how so many politicians on both sides manipulate truth to appeal to the preexisting misconceptions of their respective bases.

Does anyone else think it’s sad that our leaders think we’re so dumb that we won’t know they’re lying? Is it worse that they’re often right?